Preserve Family Military Stories

While conducting background research for interviews with a veteran, I stumbled upon the Library of Congress project to capture the experiences of veterans from all wars. The Library of Congress has a website area dedicated to the Veterans History Project and offers a kit to help capture and share your family member’s story.  The process to submit contributions seems fairly straightforward with all the necessary paperwork included in the kit. We’re hoping to record, submit and preserve our client’s experience as a B-17 pilot during WWII to the archive so that his family and future generations will always be able to know about his experience during the war.

If you are interested in downloading the kit, learning more about the archive project or want to read (and hear) some of the amazing transcripts from veterans, you can start here. The first person stories from veterans are both an inspiring and humbling reminder of the tremendous accomplishment and sacrifice of military service men and women throughout our history. I continue to go back again and again to read more of these amazing stories.

Image: Library of Congress ©