Ten Questions to Ask Family

istockphoto 03-10-12 @ pictafolioReady to start capturing family stories this year? We found a great article with tips for collecting parents’ and grandparents’ stories. A real gem in the WSJ article (paywall) is a list of 10 questions to ask the important people in your life. Getting started is easy. Why not pose one question a month from the list to Mom, Dad or a grandparent? Then, by the end of the year you’ll have captured 10 valuable life lessons & words of wisdom to share with family and friends.

Our tip: Have your loved one share their answers in the way that is most comfortable and natural for them. Based on our interviewing experience, we find some people prefer to think about, ponder and handwrite or type answers, while others prefer to digitally record the responses as questions are asked. Both ways will work. Most of all, enjoy capturing the answers!