Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

The short answer is we capture stories and create custom fine art books and canvas prints from interviews, photos and keepsakes you share with us. We plan, develop custom questions, interview, design and publish a custom book that you will be proud to own and share. Every project we work on is inspired by the hopes, dreams and wishes of our clients. We can’t always share our completed projects for client privacy reasons, but whenever possible we post samples of our work here.

What is the process for starting a book project?

We start every project with a free one-hour discussion with you to understand what you hope to accomplish with the project. Some clients wish to create a book in celebration of a special event while others wish to preserve their story for their family. Each project always starts with a client wish. From there we draft a storyboard that captures your wish and budget priorities. We then discuss, refine and complete the storyboard with you. Once you approve the storyboard, we draft a proposal for the book project.  With your approval of the proposal and a deposit, the project is officially launched.

What is the process for ordering a custom canvas print?

We start with a discussion to understand your goal for the custom artwork. Usually this includes going through a few samples from our portfolio to finalize the project design. Once the design is in place, you just need to send us the images and information that we’ll use in the design. We then send you an invoice and once we receive payment and your approval of the illustration proof we send the artwork for printing. Typically the final artwork is printed and shipped within a week of your final approval.

You can see samples of our custom canvas prints here.

What is the payment process?

For custom books, we request 1/3 upon signing the book proposal, 1/3 when interviews are complete and the final payment when you approve the book for publication.

For custom illustrations and canvas wrapped prints, we request payment when you select a design for the illustration and provide us with the images and information to create the illustration.

We accept payments via cash (if purchasing at a local art fair), Paypal, checks or credit cards.

Can I order multiple copies of a book?

Absolutely! You can order as many books as you like, whenever you’d like to order them. Books are printed on demand and are available through an online book publisher for up to a year. You just place your order directly with the publisher whenever you want to order a copy. You can also share the book link with friends and family so they can place their order directly too. We also can place the book in the public area of the publisher’s bookstore for anyone to buy. After a year, you’ll need to contact us.

How long does it take to complete a memoir book?

It really depends on the size and complexity of the project. Some clients prefer to create shorter books—maybe a chapter or two in length—and, then approach each book as a volume covering a part of their life story such as early childhood, meeting their spouse, military experience, parenthood, travel adventures or reflections on life lessons learned. Other clients prefer to create a larger book that covers a longer period of time. You decide how much of your life you’d like to cover in a book volume. We can create fine art books of any length, but the price to purchase books through the online publisher is more affordable when we keep the book length at 150 pages or less.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on one month per chapter for us to prepare, collect the interviews and photos, edit the narrative, design the book and go through one round of revisions with you. We can move faster, but a month per chapter is a pace that most clients find manageable and enjoyable.

What if I can’t remember the stories?

This is a question we’re often asked and based on experience can assure you that there’s no need for concern. We custom design interview questions and chapters based on your life story and start the memoir process by asking a few questions to get the memories flowing. You’ll be amazed at the details you remember once you get started. We’ll help you along the way by asking exploratory questions, probing a little for details and editing for narrative flow.  The combination of interviews and looking through photos and keepsakes helps unlock an abundance of memories. It also is a process that clients have found to be enjoyable as they unlock and recapture the memories.