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What is the single most important thing you’ve learned from your mother?

We’ve just completed a collection of stories gathered from sons and daughters about their moms and the life wisdom they’ve passed on. The book is ready to browse and order, just in time to honor all moms this Mother’s Day. We’ve designed the book so that the story continues beyond these twenty-five amazing women. At the back of the book are two pages designed, ready and waiting to add your story and photo. Whether it’s in celebration of Mother’s Day, a special birthday, a gift to a new mom, or perhaps someone you know who needs a bit of motherly wisdom, you can add your handwritten story “What my mother taught me” to share with family and friends. We hope you enjoy the stories in the preview and that the book inspires you to share your story! If you are interested in learning more details about the book, just click on the preview book button below and you’ll head to our bookstore on Blurb. The book is available in a 10×8 softcover version or 13×11 hardcover coffee table book.

We love publishing books on The books are beautiful and well made. Whenever possible we post sample books to the public area of the bookstore for inspiration and as unique gift books available for purchase. Enjoy browsing and let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.

This beautiful journal is the perfect gift for someone who loves to write. It’s also a great idea for a parent you would like to encourage to share their story with you. Why not slip a note card with a few questions into the book and ask mom or dad to answer the questions? Not only do you have their handwritten answers to questions you’ve been curious about… it’s a great way to get started capturing and preserving your family’s stories. If you need help creating some questions to tuck into the gift book, just send us an email.