Life, Love and Family: A Custom Memory Book

Family Memory Book Cover

Where do you draw inspiration and comfort?

For many of us the answer includes family, friends and our community. Whether we are 4, 40 or 80-years old, having a sense of belonging in the world is what unites us in finding comfort, joy and happiness.

That’s also what inspired us to create this custom memory gift book. We designed the book to include your photos and inspirational quotes as a celebration and reminder of the people, places and events that matter most. The book covers 9 topics of your choice (e.g., family, friendship, pets, music, faith).

Here’s the first book just back from the printer. It’s Joanna’s book and an example of what we can create for you.

This book is designed to offer comfort and joy for all ages!

We also believe that it’s a nice gift for anyone transitioning into a memory care program so staff members and caregivers have the opportunity to learn more about your loved one and help spark conversations.

Interested in getting started with your custom book? We’d be honored to design and print a book for you!

You can place your order here or contact us with questions.

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