A Special Gift for Mom

First, a BIG thank you…

We just wrapped collecting stories for our Mothers and Life Lessons book. Many thanks to the 25 sons and daughters who contributed stories about their moms for the book! Each story is wonderful and together they are truly magical. It’s been an honor to work with all of you on the book.

Thank you!

-Cindy and Cornelia

What’s next?

We now head into publishing. More to follow as we have publishing details in place… but we can share that the book will be out in time to purchase for Mother’s Day. We’ve designed the book so that even if you didn’t contribute a story in the book, you can still add a personal story about your mom before you gift it to her, family or friends. We’ve designed two beautiful pages ready to showcase what your mother taught you. There’s something truly special about sharing with your mom all that you’ve learned from her and how much she is appreciated.

April Update…

The book is now ready to browse and order on Blurb. Just go to this link to get more information and preview the book. We’ll be also offering it on our Etsy shop soon.

May Update…

We just completed a limited edition press run of the 13×11 coffee table hardcover book and will be selling them at special introductory pricing until supplies run out. This 60 page beautiful fine art book is printed on premium paper and with high quality image wrap binding. If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition book, just click here to go to our Etsy shop for details.


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