Mothers and Life Lessons

What is the single most important thing you have learned from your mother?

Maybe it’s a key life lesson or an important character strength she demonstrated while you were growing up. Perhaps it’s advice she gave you to help navigate through tough times or a kernel of wisdom you uncovered while learning about her early life. Our mothers are superheroes who generously share their life wisdom and superpowers with us. It’s a priceless gift and if we are lucky, we’ve absorbed some of their wisdom and are now passing the lessons on to the next generation.

Mothers and life lessons are the inspiration for our next book project and we’d like to invite you to participate and share your mom’s story. The book project is titled “Lessons From Our Mothers” and will be published for Mother’s Day 2012. Our hope is to include as many amazing moms in the book as possible—and to honor these special women and the life lessons they have passed on to us.

To get started, just send us an email to let us know that you’d like to participate. Our email is:

From there it’s an easy three step process:

  1. Find your favorite photo of your mom and send it to us digitally. We’ll send you tips to help convert your mom’s photo to a high quality image for the book.
  2. Answer a few questions that we send you to tell us about your mom. Don’t worry about grammar or narrative flow, we’ll take care of that. Just write your answers from the heart.
  3. Review and approve the edited two page spread of your story and photo.

That’s it! We’ll take it from there. Our goal is to have all stories completed and approved by mid-March so that we can move into book production in Spring. You’ll be able to preview the online version of the finished book at the publisher’s online bookstore for free or purchase as many books as you’d like. It’s your choice.

Please feel free to share this invitation with friends and family who may be interested in participating in the mom project. We’d love to hear and include their story too! You’re also welcome to team up with your siblings to write something together to honor mom.

Every story starts with a photo…

The photo above is one of my very favorites of my mom Sharon and I’ll be submitting it for the book. I love the photo because it captures mom’s personality as adventurer, dreamer and daredevil. It was taken in the 1950’s, about a year before she left her family and friends to start a new life in America. In the photo, mom’s getting ready to take off on my dad’s motorcycle with her sister bravely hanging on behind her. To know my mom is to know someone who has always believed in living life full throttle. That teenage girl on the motorcycle didn’t believe in doing anything halfway…

You can see the book design and read an excerpt here.


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