Happily Ever After

Newlyweds walking in vineyard

In June, we started work on a new book project titled “Happily Ever After,” inspired by an amazing couple who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year. We had the privilege to work on their anniversary memoir and very early in the project it became clear that their love story is an extraordinary one. Their openness, humor, life wisdom and advice on marriage in the memoir is truly inspirational. Their story so touched our hearts that it sparked us to talk about other couples we admired and respected for the longevity, happiness and strength of their marriage. That led us to create a list of couples we’d love to interview and prompted a question. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Unlock My Story to capture all this marriage wisdom and create a book of inspiration for young couples starting out—perhaps, newly engaged or just married?” Our decision was easy. “Yes, let’s create the book!”

Where are we in the project today? 

We asked the couples on our list to participate in a series of candid interviews about marriage and many said “Yes!”. We believe each of these couples has a unique story and perspective to share on the key to a long and happy marriage. We are so grateful for their willingness to participate and their honesty in sharing experiences and life wisdom about their marriage journey.

We also just completed the story and design work for our first couple and are already working hard on our second couple’s chapter. Cindy’s design for this book is so lovely and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our goal is to publish the book by Spring 2012 and hope to have a sneak peek of early chapters ready later this Fall. We’re planning to be at several events in Fall and Winter in the Chicago area so hope to preview the book at our booth.

Here’s where we could use your help.

We’d love to include one more inspiring couple in the book. Do you know an extraordinary couple who you think we should interview and include in the book? A couple that are married 30+ years, have weathered good times and bad and strengthened their marriage in the process? If so, we’d love to include their story and marriage wisdom in the book. Please send us an email at info@unlockmystory.com and we’ll contact you directly. Many thanks!

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