By the Beach

We just published a new visual memoir and wanted to share an excerpt from this extraordinary couple’s story. Ann and Bill are celebrating 50 years of love and marriage this year and we created a book of celebration for them, their children and grandchildren, as well as future generations. It’s been an honor and privilege to work on their book!

In this excerpt from Chapter Seven, Ann and Bill talk about family and vacations by the beach…

Magic and Family

We never seem to settle on the number of years we have been going to the lake cottage but it now must exceed 20 years. It would not be surprising if another large family would refuse to stay one night let alone 20 years. It has no air conditioning. The furniture is very uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as some of the beds. It creaks at night as might a haunted house. Nonetheless, for 5 weeks every summer it is home and we would not have it any other way. (Well, new furniture would be great, maybe a new hot water tank or an additional bathroom or fewer steps to the beach or more available parking, etc.)

If you were to ask any of our 33 about memorable moments, all would agree that something magical seems to happen when we watch a storm come across the lake. There is thunder, lightning, wind and the cottage seems to shake and bend but never break. The adrenaline is high in each of us and the sharing of these experiences seems to take us even further in our strength together…



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