Custom Family Tree

See Your Family Tree Displayed in Full Color

Here’s an example of the custom family tree illustration we create. This illustration is beautifully displayed as a two page spread in your memoir book,¬†spanning 12″ x 24″ across the pages. We showcase your family through framed photos, names and marriage dates to completely personalize the look of this family keepsake.

With the large size of the illustration we have the flexibility to design beautiful trees for larger families. Cindy was recently put to the test when she created a family tree that included grandparents, 6 children and their spouses, plus 18 grandchildren. ¬†It’s an illustration that we know all 33 members of the family will cherish.

Family Trees as Canvas Artwork

The illustration is also available for purchase as a canvas wrapped illustration, ready to hang as artwork or gift to someone. Clients who purchase the platinum package receive a complimentary 24″ x 32″ canvas wrapped illustration. Smaller canvas sizes are also available for purchase.


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